Storm Closing – Hurricane Dorian

Due to the expected impact of Hurricane Dorian, offices of Retina of Coastal Carolina will not operate on Thursday, September 5 or Friday, September 6. Any emergency calls should be placed to our main number (910) 254-2023 and will be routed to our answering service. The physician on call will respond in a timely manner.

Meet Out New Clinic Supervisor


Kelsey was promoted to Clinic Supervisor this summer as her predecessor re-located out of state. Kelsey has been an important part of the clinical team at Retina of Coastal Carolina since 2013. While continuing to serve patients off and on the clinical floor, Kelsey is taking on more responsibilities as she joins the management team.
In recognition of her performance and her connection with patients and staff, Kelsey was our most recent ‘pink flamingo’.

Thanks Kelsey for all you do!

After 21 Years…

Dr. Erik van Rens is retiring from Retina of Coastal Carolina. Joining our practice in year 2, he will be greatly missed by patients and staff. We wish him many more years to enjoy his hobbies, children and grandchildren.


We zullen je missen!


In late April we were glad to recognize our administrative staff at a lunch in their honor. These are the individuals you speak with on the phone, the smiling faces at our front desk and those folks who try to translate ‘insurance speak’ into plain English the rest of us understand.

This month we will show our appreciation to our clinic staff. These folks are responsible for the screening and testing before you see the physician, trying to keep pace with entering into the electronic health record system what the doctor is saying and assisting with in office procedures. Many also arrive to our main location early in the morning, traveling with the physician to one of our 3 satellite locations, often making it a 10 or 11 hour day. Without their commitment and efforts, our physicians would not be able to provide the level of care we are proud to offer at ROCC.
Thanks to all our staff members. As a now retired employee was fond of saying, “Team Work Makes the Dream Work!”

Yellow Post-It with Thanks You! written on it

Seen any flamingos?

No, it’s not a new symptom of a retina issue.  It is a recognition of a staff member for that extra effort to make a better experience for other staff, patients and physicians.  Prior recipients included Sara and Katherine (who you see at our front desk in locations others than Jacksonville) for their contributions to our Mardi Gras Day.  Staff enjoyed red beans and rice, gumbo and of course King cake!

Our latest ‘flamingo’ is Sabrina who commands the front desk in our Jacksonville office, as well as in Wilmington when that office is closed.   Thanks to Sabrina for brightening that space with her eye for marking the seasons and occasions.

Sabrina at her desk with Easter decorations.


Just in time for the streak of unseasonably warm February weather,
the ROCC office took on the look of the tropics.

Staff wearing colorful Hawaiian leis

With a background of beach balls, palm leaves and scenes of warm, sunny tropical beaches,
staff enjoyed a lunch of burgers with all the fixins, chips, salads and of course dessert!

Staff eating oustside

With the cold sure to return soon, we’ll remember the feel and taste of our brief trip to the tropics.

We will miss you…


Cindy has been a fixture in our Jacksonville office for several years. She is a smiling face and offers a recognizable laugh for physicians and patients alike. Cindy is retiring this month and while we wish her many happy carefree years ahead, she will be missed by everyone who comes through our office.

Cindy, thank you for the care you have shown every patient and for your dedication to your work and to Retina of Coastal Carolina. She is all about ‘Team’ and leaves a legacy that will be hard to match.

Myopia and the Macula

Grid representing normal and abnormal macula. Description in the text.

Nearsighted individuals can develop problems in the center part of the vision. Very nearsighted individuals can develop thinning in the macula which is the center part of the retina. The macula is necessary for our finest detailed vision. Sometimes the thinning can disturb one of the layers of the retina which functions as a barrier between the underlying blood vessels in the choroid and the retina itself. Just like cracks in a pavement these thin areas can grow ‘weeds’ (new blood vessels). In fact a lot of pathologies in the macula that we treat have as there common path new blood vessel formation. Wet macular degeneration patients being the obvious example, here new blood vessel formation results from progressive degenerative change where age is the greatest risk factor.

The good news for myopic individuals is oftentimes their prognosis is better for their macula degeneration compared with their wet AMD counterparts. Patients with myopic choroidal neovascularization (new blood vessel formation or cnv) may experience distortion or a blur in their central vision. Oftentimes patients in this situation are extremely sensitive to any changes in their vision. If a patient has myopic CNV the standard of care is intravitreal medications (medications delivered inside the eye). Thankfully myopic patients often respond very well to treatment and can continue to enjoy good central vision for a long period of time. If you are extremely nearsighted it is important to get regular eye checks and if your ophthalmologist suspects myopic macular degeneration a retina specialist evaluation is always reasonable.

Henry Holt, MD
1801 N.H. Medical Park Drive
Wilmington, N.C. 28403

Updated Hurricane Florence closing information

Offices of Retina of Coastal Carolina will remain closed through Wednesday, September 19.

We will contact patients to reschedule any appointments after re-opening.

For emergencies call our main number




Due to the projected impacts from Hurricane Florence, Retina of Coastal Carolina’s Wilmington office will close at noon on Wednesday, September 12 and remain closed Thursday, September 13 and Friday, September 14. Our location in Jacksonville will remain closed through Monday, September 17. Please check our website for updated closing information. Our answering service can be reached by calling our main number (910) 254-2023.